There’s two six o’clocks in a day!?

September 22, 2008

Who knew?

So an early start today, had to be on the shores of Wast Water in Wasdale, in the Western Lake District for 9:00am to snap Richard Nankivell, and tho’ it didn’t rain it was quite an overcast sky which didn’t really lend itself to the being the month of May!

Yah-boo sucks to the lot of you!

Yah-boo sucks to the lot of you!

But with some flash work and a bit of Photoshop, I think the results will be great …

Then from Wasdale it was up to Allonby (via the cafe in Morrisons at Workington for breakfast) to get Richard Corrie playing on the beach, building sandcastles and generally having fun in the sun – shame there wasn’t any sun and it was so bl***y cold too. But after an hour of snapping, I think we got something that’ll work.

Downside is that I’m still a flash down, and probably will be for quite a while, which made balancing the light a bit harder and my “poverty wizards” have gone haywire – one works perfectly, one only works with the back off, and one doesn’t work at all – but all told, it does mean you learn a lot faster and just what you can do with what you have to hand.


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