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Quick shot for an article

January 30, 2009

Tuesday saw me out at Carlisle’s Citadel, to get an image of the Holocaust Memorial there, for Holocaust Memorial Day.
Cumbria  County Council, UNISON and the GMB organised a tribute to the victims of the Holocaust, by building a pile of shoes, similar to those found in many of the Nazi concentration camps.

Holocaust memorial Day

Holocaust memorial Day

The memorial opened at 10am, and to be honest at that time there wasn’t much interest from the general public, so it was a ‘bit quiet’ – but there was a pile of shoes, strongly side-lit in a darkened room, but shoes on their own don’t make a shot. Luckily there was  one person about I could get to stand next to the shoes to put the pile in context and give a human-touch to the image.

Steve Park from Cumbria County Council was the lucky chap in the room who I posed next to the shoes, I ‘d noticed the shadow created by the room lighting on the wall behind Steve and used this to create a ‘sort of menace’ behind him and the shoes.

To lift the image, I placed a red-gelled flash behind the shoes, to camera right to give a hint of fire, or even Hell to the image.

All told, I took just seven images to get this, and that includes the set-ups to ensure exposure was right.
Am I happy with it?
I think so. It conveys the sense of place and a little of the feeling that the memorial tried to put across.

And the final article for BBC Cumbria is here …

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