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Tweet, tweet, twitter

February 27, 2009

So as you can see from the column on the right of the page, I do a bit of “twittering”, or as some might say whittering! But as it’s the latest darling of the “social media society” I thought I’d better give it a whirl, just to see what the fuss was about, and do you know what? I think I’m becoming addicted!

Nokia N95 showing Twitter on Twibble

Nokia N95 showing Twitter on Twibble

If you don’t know, Twitter is a micro blogging application that allows you to answer the question “What are you doing now?” in 140 characters, sounds OK if a bit, well boring really. Where it’s interesting is the interaction with other “Twitterers”, random people might ask questions about what you’re doing, You’ll see the thought’s of others on virtually every subject you can think of, and probably on subjects you didn’t know existed and you can “talk to them” direct, and many other like minded people too.


But for some it’s the lure of celebrity that makes Twitter work for them. There are quite a few celeb twitterers out there, and through twitter, it gives people a “direct access” to them and it is quite possible to chat along with a film or TV star whom in day-to-day life you would never normally meet. It is also quite possible to chat along with a “fake” too; someone who is just pretending to be the person the claim to be!

In the News or is the News?

Twitter, because of its immediacy and the way in which it is used – from mobile phones, PDAs, iPhones, Blackberrys etc… in the main, it is often credited with breaking major news stories. This was the case with the Mumbai shootings,  the Hudson River and Schiphol  plane crashes. All of these were been reported on Twitter before the mainstream media picked them up, but what it’s not that good at is making sense of the breaking news, of giving it a context (but that’s something for another post!)

A few links


High-res part 2

February 24, 2009

Another high resolution video uploaded to YouTube – this time the Long Meg stone circle video.
Again remade from scratch, as I deleted the project files after making the Flickr version.

See the video onYouTube here …


High-res video

February 23, 2009

A high resoloution version of the Botchergate at Night time-lapse video is now available for your viewing delight on YouTube.

I actually had to remake/re-edit from scratch as I’d deleted all the project files from my edit machine, so during the course of tonight’s episode of Eli Stone, the video was remade and uploaded toYou Tube.

Video can be seen here …


A road less travelled

February 22, 2009

A road less travelled

Originally uploaded by markrbbc

This wilderness is barely 30 minutes away from Carlisle, and lays well outside of the Lake District, so is seldom visited (which is why I like it).

The track itself is a public byway open to all traffic, so that’s anything that moves and is road legal – horse, car, bike foot et al.

This is shot about half-way up, looking to the west and the Solway coast, which you can see quite clearly on a good day.

The image was shot in raw on a Canon 30D, and processed in Photomatix Pro and Photoshop, to make the colours pop.


Long Meg time-lapse video

February 19, 2009

Long Meg (time-lapse)

Originally uploaded by markrbbc

Shot this in April 2008, at Long Meg stone circle. The weather wasn’t that great, but it does show the cloud movement really well.

Shot with a Canon 30D mounted on a motion-controlled head for the panning movement.

This took 775 individual exposures, comped together in After Effects and Premiere.
The audio track came from (great place for free and shareware loops and sfx).

You’ll note that it’s “very purple”; this is an effect of the Cokin ND filters used to make the shutter drag. It seems that stacking three filters causes a shift in either the IR or UV (not sure which) hiting the camera’s sensor. (used two ND filters plus an ND Grad on this film).


Botchergate at night (time-lapse)

February 19, 2009

Botchergate at night (time-lapse)

Originally uploaded by markrbbc

Made this in May 2008, but just got around to doing something with it now!
This was about the third or forth time-lapse video I made around then, testing out the timer control and the motion-control head that I’d got.

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