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The Webby Awards, an old video

March 28, 2009

The 10th Webby Awards

Originally uploaded by photocumbria

BBC News report presented by Gutto Harri, on the 10th Webby Awards in New York, from June 2006.

You’ll see me collecting the award just before Prince comes on screen (at 56 secs in).

As a side note my five words got the biggest cheer of the night, especially good as everyone’s told not to cheer each individual award!
Should you not watch the video, and if not – why not? The words are “England team bring back trophy” topical at the time, as England were still in with a chance at the World Cup.



March 28, 2009

In a moment of boredom, I thought I’d photograph my cameras. This Flickr slide-show is the result …

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Cameras“, posted with vodpod


Toy day: The Guillotine

March 27, 2009

The Guillotine

Originally uploaded by photocumbria

Model guillotine, originally made by Aurora, but now produced by Polar Lights.

This was part of the Chamber of Horror series of model kits that was available in the 70s,  at least that’s when i remember it from. But checking against the old Aurora catalogs on, it would appear to date from the late 60s.

And yes, I did have one of the Aurora ones back then! (and again yes, it probably does explain quite a lot!)

Sadly, it seems that Polar Lights have dissapeared, like Aurora from the model scene, as their site just goes to the toy company Ertl.


Local News

March 22, 2009

It’s always nice to be mentioned in the local newspaper, and despite words to the contrary from many others, I really do believe they have a bright future.

But onward …

In the news - NOT!

In the news - NOT!

The online editor NickTurner (@nickincumbria) chose a couple of my Flickr postings and one of my blogs* for his Webwatch column** for the Saturday 21st edition – great apart from the fact he got my name wrong!
Now I don’t mind that, in fact I’m quite used to it, for some reason the name Robertson is always thought of as Robinson south of Kendal!
But here Nick managed to really change it, to Richards.
What’s worse is that there’s no link from the News And Star’s site to my video or pictures, despite the promise in the print version!

Perhaps one day they’ll get it right, maybe a printed TinyURL or even a QR Code (you can make your own here…)


There’s now a page with the video on, on the News and Star’s website … but my name’s still wrong!

Update 2

Nick (@nickincumbria) has kindly altered the page to make sure my name’s right and linked to both my blog and Flickr stream. Thankyou sir, you are a gentleman.

Foot notes

*That’s right , I have more than one blog!
Lenswork for general photo/journalism guff, photocumbria for images of Cumbria and PolaCumbria for Polaroid images.

** Featured on Webwatch were: The video “Botchergate at Night” and the image “The executioner”


Toy day: R2-D2 and C-3PO

March 20, 2009

R2-D2 and C-3PO
Originally uploaded by photocumbria

Models of the original Ralph McQuarrie designs for the two robots featured in Star Wars.

Shot info:

Canon 30D c/w 35-350mm f3.5 lens at 135mm, mounted on a tripod.
Lit with ambient tungsten lights (kitchen) plus a Canon 580EX, triggered with Elinchrom Skyports,  to camera left, set at 1/32 power plus snooted and gridded to give red highlights on the figures.
Exposure – 3.2 secs at f16, 100 iso.

Some work done in both DPP and PS to clean up the background / dust on the sensor and increase the contrast and depth of the colours.


Friday’s Toy Day: The executioner

March 13, 2009

The executioner

Originally uploaded by photocumbria

The executioner

The executioner – one of the rarer Playmobil characters, un-surprisingly!
Beneath that red hood is the traditional smiling face of a Playmobil figure – but note, along with the headsman’s axe, there is on his belt, the dagger for delivering the coup-de-grace!

Strobist info

Canon 580EX to camera left, at 1/8th power with straw grid.
Triggered by Elinchrom Skyports.
Canon 30D at 1/200th sec at f16.
Shot in canon RAW, corrected and cropped in Canon DPP.


Four red tulips

March 12, 2009

Pola: Four red tulips

Originally uploaded by photocumbria

shot on Polaroid Type 59 film and transferred to Moleskine watercolour paper.

Shot with a Cambo monorail camera, with Kodak Aniston lens.

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