Tooling up for Twitter

March 2, 2009

So using Twitter you get a bit carried away and need to find stuff that makes it work better for you, so here’s my list of Twitter tools that I use to filter, find and post to Twitter.

TwitterFox – a Firefox plugin that lets you see tweets as they are posted, and lets you reply, without disturbing your web browsing. It’s quick and fast and very convenient too.

Tweetdeck – an Adobe Air application that lets on monitor and filter different Twitter searches, such as all your friends tweets, direct tweets, special searches, the list is endless and limited mainly by the size of your monitor.

Twitterfall – an elegant and fun way to see tweets drop down your browser window (needs the latest versions on most browsers to work) great if your trying to follow on particular thread or limited search terms, otherwise it can overwhelm.

Twitpic – this is the Twitter for pictures, post your picture and comment here and the comment’s bounced to Twitter with a link to the picture. Ideal for mobile blogging.

Twittergram – polls your Flickr stream and sends a link to your latest image to Twitter, and lets you add a custom prefix to the tweet.

Twibble – “a location aware twitter client” it says, and available for a ton of platforms, but I use it on my Nokia N95 as it allows posting to both Twitter and Twitpic, so saves swapping applications mid tweet. It’ll also allow you to open tweeted urls and filter messages too.

So that’s it six apps I use feed my Twitter habit.
A quick search will bring up many more similar listings of the apps available to Twitter users and loads can be found at http://twitter.com/downloads


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