Local News

March 22, 2009

It’s always nice to be mentioned in the local newspaper, and despite words to the contrary from many others, I really do believe they have a bright future.

But onward …

In the news - NOT!

In the news - NOT!

The online editor NickTurner (@nickincumbria) chose a couple of my Flickr postings and one of my blogs* for his Webwatch column** for the Saturday 21st edition – great apart from the fact he got my name wrong!
Now I don’t mind that, in fact I’m quite used to it, for some reason the name Robertson is always thought of as Robinson south of Kendal!
But here Nick managed to really change it, to Richards.
What’s worse is that there’s no link from the News And Star’s site to my video or pictures, despite the promise in the print version!

Perhaps one day they’ll get it right, maybe a printed TinyURL or even a QR Code (you can make your own here…)


There’s now a page with the video on, on the News and Star’s website … but my name’s still wrong!

Update 2

Nick (@nickincumbria) has kindly altered the page to make sure my name’s right and linked to both my blog and Flickr stream. Thankyou sir, you are a gentleman.

Foot notes

*That’s right , I have more than one blog!
Lenswork for general photo/journalism guff, photocumbria for images of Cumbria and PolaCumbria for Polaroid images.

** Featured on Webwatch were: The video “Botchergate at Night” and the image “The executioner”


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