Toy day: The Guillotine

March 27, 2009

The Guillotine

Originally uploaded by photocumbria

Model guillotine, originally made by Aurora, but now produced by Polar Lights.

This was part of the Chamber of Horror series of model kits that was available in the 70s,  at least that’s when i remember it from. But checking against the old Aurora catalogs on majormattmason.net, it would appear to date from the late 60s.

And yes, I did have one of the Aurora ones back then! (and again yes, it probably does explain quite a lot!)

Sadly, it seems that Polar Lights have dissapeared, like Aurora from the model scene, as their site www.polarlights.com just goes to the toy company Ertl.



  1. Now that is an intense little toy!

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