The invisible toaster story

December 27, 2009
Transparent Toaster Concept

The Transparent Toaster Concept

When is a story not a story, or perhaps in this case, when is a toaster not a toaster (and no, this isn’t a bizarre Battlestar Galactica reference!)

This is the stange case of the four-year-old story and the swapping images in two British newspapers.

On the Daily Mail website, there’s a nice little story about a “glass toaster”; you can watch as the toast cooks, and stop it at your preferred brown-ness.

A nice simple page-filling story for Christmas … Except that they put the wrong image up. They initially used this image instead, which raised a few comments on the article.

Now that would be the end of it, wrong picture, swapped out, no big deal; apart from the fact that The Times are running the same story, and also initially used the same image (again now changed).

Bad PR company or lazy journalism?

“So what?” I hear you say, well as I was intregued by the glass toaster, and I though the image was wrong, I did a quick google search for stories and images and came up with these;

The Toastal Printer

The Toastal Printer Concept

From the Daily Mail in January 2008, the exact same story on the same glass toaster! (and I do mean exact)

But then I found this on the tech blog Gizmodo, from May 2006, a story on a Transparent Toaster Concept, with the exact same picture!

So it all comes down to who can’t keep a diary of stories used in the paper, and who’s pulling the wool over the eyes of the subs at the Daily Mail and The Times!!

And finally

Here it is in all its unrealised glory on the Inventables website. It is just a concept and not as the papers make out a finished product.

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