Puy lentils with chorizo sausages

February 15, 2010

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Puy lentils, cooked with onion, garlic and lardons of bacon, with chorizo sausage.

Brown off the sausages in a pan, then set them aside.

Then gently fry off three finely chopped, medium onions in a good dollop of olive oil, plus salt and pepper to taste along with two to four gloves of crushed garlic (according to taste) and about 4oz of bacon lardons.

Once the onions have taken a golden colour add 300gms of Puy lentils and stir so they get coated in the oil, then add a third of a bottle of red wine (25mls) and simmer till some of the liquid has been absorbed by the lentils – then add 400mls of chicken stock and bring back to the boil.

Simmer for five minutes.

Transfer to an oven-proof dish and top with the par-cooked sausages, cover with foil and bake in an over for 30 minutes at 180′

After 30 mins remove the foil and give it another ten minutes in the oven.

Remove from the oven and leave to stand for five or ten minutes before serving.

The sausage I used here is from a local butchers (Cranstons) and is really a very spiced pork sausage rather than a true Spanish chorizo.

To vary the taste, you can change the sausage type and the stock – beef stock and black pudding makes a really hearty version.

With some salad and bread the above will very easily serve four people – they were big sausages!


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