Apples are boring!?

May 27, 2010

So I’ve been in “that London” and took a look at two Apple stores on the same day (iPad day-1*).

Regent Street was busy and a hive of activity, filled to the brim and because of the timing, a small queue of people (with 14 hours to go) waiting to buy the iPad.

The other store, in the Westfield Centre, was just like any other shop on a Thursday when the shops are open late.

But the stores are, well to be honest, bland palaces of crap!

Whilst for many the comfort of having the same thing in the same place regardless of where you are (a la McDonalds) might be nice, it really is a bit shit.

There’s no suprise, no excitment, no great joy as you know, from store to store, you are going to see the same blandness.

Steve, I know what you’re after here, but please in some of your stores let the glass staircase wobble precariously. Let some of the geniuses be afflicted with Tourettes.
But more than that make each store individual, it’ll be better in the long run – just remember why people want to buy Apple products.

* Yes they really were like a Laura Ashley shop for computers – they were that bad.

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