Unknown in Glasgow

August 25, 2010

Unknown in Glasgow

Originally uploaded by photocumbria

Chap from Glasgow who begged 50p from me.
In return he had to have his photo taken!

Shot on an Olympus E-P1 with 14-14mm lens. Then cropped and corrected in Lightroom.



  1. Taking images of beggars. Murky area this one. It’s exploitative to do this and then blog about it. Exclamation! mark is a little patronising as well!

    Would love to know how a guy like this ended up on the street. Still, at least we know what camera and lens was used to capture the image.

  2. Normally I’d agree with you; but I don’t think he was homeless, just bumming extra cash for his beer.

    As to been exploitative, isn’t that what all photography is, be it with people, places or things. At least here I have no agenda other than making a good image – and if he’d said no, well he’d have gotten the cash and I’d have had no picture.

    As to his story – he didn’t want to talk much (see here for someone who did want to talk) just to go on his way – but I did show him the picture, and he was happy with it.

    As to the exclamation mark, that’s just a point of style – some like them, some don’t!

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