About me and this blog

This is me picking up a Webby Award in New York - for Best Community Website

This is me picking up a Webby Award in New York - for Best Community Website

So, a successful web producer, journalist, photographer and creative … As can be seen in the photo to the left, of me picking up the Webby Award for the Best Community Site in 2006.

The real deal

I currently work as a producer and journalist for the BBC, based out of BBC Radio Cumbria, producing the BBC Cumbria website and the local version of Video Nation: So please note the opinions and views expressed on this site are my own and not those of the BBC!

Previously, I’ve worked as an undertaker and embalmer, cleaned cars in a garage, worked in factory making biscuits, went back to college as a mature student and worked for a local council in their communications department.


Currently, I’m running three blogs, all to do with photography in one form or another:

  • Lenswork – a general blog on photography and imaging, and anything else really!
  • Photocumbria – Images of the people, the sights and views of Cumbria
  • Polacumbria – Deals with my photographic passion – Polaroids. This is where I’ll post and detail my Polaroid adventures and frequent failures with that medium.

I have plans for a fourth blog, dealing with food, but it’ll have to wait until I come with a name I like and that someone else hasn’t snaffled!

If you’re really interested, you can follow me on Twitter, or watch my photostream on Flickr.



  1. Great photos, love the lakes and they are a favourite subject of mine.



    • Thanks – try my best to please with my photos, even if it is just myself!

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  3. Mark, Hi I seem to have lost your email address but was wondering if it would be OK to perhaps use some of your photographs to publicise our forthcoming Veteran’s Day on Saturday July 2nd? We’re going to have the usual annual bash and so far the BBMF are sending up two Spitfires for a display and RAF Boulmer have promised a Sea King air/sea rescue helicopter – hope to have more aircraft attending. If you would like to attend just come along. You may be interested in some of the results of our Night Shoot last night – have a look at our Facebook page, Solway Aviation Museum.
    George Kerr.

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