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Just how big is Google?

October 2, 2010

This info-graphic from the Computer School explains it all:

Google by the numbers.

Infographic by computer


Unknown in Glasgow

August 25, 2010

Unknown in Glasgow

Originally uploaded by photocumbria

Chap from Glasgow who begged 50p from me.
In return he had to have his photo taken!

Shot on an Olympus E-P1 with 14-14mm lens. Then cropped and corrected in Lightroom.


The dating game

September 19, 2008

Today saw the start of a major project for me, shooting a calendar for the BBC Radio Cumbria Children in Need capaign 2008, fairly simple, exept that it needs 12 shots from around the county, with an associated radio presenter, and each shot representing a month of the year …

So, with ideas sorted and locations chosen, we set off for the first location shoot today – the shores of Ullswater and then the forests of Winlatter. Both these seemed to go off with out any worry, everything worked well, people turned up on time equipment behaved … it was really great.

One of the ou-takes from the days shooting!!

One of the out-takes from the day's shooting!!

Then the final shoot of the day in the Radio Cumbria studios, all was going really well until one of my flash packs exploded!
Fortunately, I think I’d got the shot that was needed, as that point my wireless flash units decided they wouldn’t work anymore either, and as people were getting tired, bored and wanting to go home, to work or out for the evening it was time to call it a day.

So that’s three pictures done (hopefully) and another nine to go over the next two weeks. Wish me luck.

And if anyone knows where you can get Norman 200B flash packs repaired, send me the link, i’d be most grateful.

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