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New Sony video camara, with interchangable lenses

July 14, 2010

Sony NEX-VG10E

The democrotiation of video making took another step forward with the release of the new Sony NEX-VG10E camera, that uses Sony’s E and A series lenses.

It has a 14.4 megapixel sensor, capturing full HD 1080p footage in AVCHDTM format. (Via Gizmodo)


The Webby Awards, an old video

March 28, 2009

The 10th Webby Awards

Originally uploaded by photocumbria

BBC News report presented by Gutto Harri, on the 10th Webby Awards in New York, from June 2006.

You’ll see me collecting the award just before Prince comes on screen (at 56 secs in).

As a side note my five words got the biggest cheer of the night, especially good as everyone’s told not to cheer each individual award!
Should you not watch the video, and if not – why not? The words are “England team bring back trophy” topical at the time, as England were still in with a chance at the World Cup.


It ain’t archeology …

August 6, 2008

… but I like it!

BONEKICKERS – it’s been kicked to death in the press, and to be honest it’s deserved it! But …

Look away from the obvious plot holes, the “put in place from episode one” MacGuffins and the complete disregard for any rational, and it’s not too bad …

The Scooby Doo team ready fo action

The Scooby Doo team ready fo action

… Apart from the rampant nationalism, the Arthurian ‘carrion call’ and the total bollocks of the stories.
Avoid these and you’re getting on to Scooby Doo territory: “Shucks … We would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those pesky archeologists”

Aside from that it it’s quite a laugh, working out who’s had who; at which point Hugh Bonneville ‘s character’s going to go for a drink and miss all the action; or when Magwilde is going to go ape-shit over some inconsequential detail.

But best of all is working out how far wrong they are with Excalibur … It is far more than they realise, far more than they know … and I assume thay have done their research ( tho’ the episodes so far don’t really show that!)

Excalibur is just one of the Hallows of this Isle (according to legend) and as such is of equal import as the … OMI god no not the  … you can’t do thi.. as|~@p,,,,,,,,//  … ERic no ….”

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