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iPhone apps for journalists (or how to justify your new toy!)

July 8, 2010
Blue Mickey in action in an iPhone 3g with FiRe

Blue Mickey in action in an iPhone 3g with FiRe

The iPhone like many smart phones is a brilliant piece of kit, but getting the best from it takes a bit of work and research, and often a lot of trial and error to discover the right app that does what you need it to do.

So to make things a bit easier, here’s my list of iPhone apps for journalists. This is based on my experience with an iPhone 3G – you may know of apps for the iPhone 3GS and 4 models that do the same job better.


Audioboo: Record audio, take a snap and send it to the internet. The quality of the audio is very good (not like a phone call) and it’s already used by a few radio journalists to file from the field. You can’t edit the audio though, not even a top and tail. (Free)

FiRe: Produces very high quality recordings, in a variety of formats (wave, AAC, Ogg Vorbis) Again no edit facility, but this app allows you to FTP the audio or send it to Sound Cloud. (£5.99) There is a free version called Blue Fire, but it lacks the audio effects that improve the audio quality.

VC Audio Pro: A fairly well featured audio recorder and editor, but it’s quite demanding on the hardware and isn’t user friendly – you really have to read the manual to get the best out of it. But it will let you multi-track. Downside is the limited methods of getting the audio of the iPhone – either by email (max. file-size of 10MB), or via wi-fi connection on the same network.


Flickit: A photo uploader for Flickr and better than the official Flickr app! Lets you add detailed descriptions, tags and post the image to your sets and groups you belong to. And if you have and blogs linked to your Flickr account, it will post to those too. (Free) The paid for pro version adds search options for viewing images, including using the GPS in your iPhone to find images taken near where you are.

Autostitch Panorama: Create large and / or panoramic images from a series of images. Requires little user interaction to create the final image, which you then save and can email or post to Facebook. (£1.79)

Gorillacam: A replacement for the standard camera app, that allows you to use a self-timer, take time-lapse images and provides a grid and level on screen. (Free)

Kyte Producer: Create audio and video slideshows, viewable at (needs a free account). Quick and simple to use and can be integrated with Twitter. (Free)


MobileRSS: Sync your Google Reader subscriptions and read them on your iPhone. (Free) There is a paid-for version, but the free version does a fine job, and the ads are barely noticeable!


iPhone with Anycam Powerpack

iPhone with Anycam Powerpack, Blue Mickey and Griffin power adapter

Qik Live: Lets you stream a report live to the internet, which can be flagged up on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. (Free)

UStream Broadcaster: Lets you stream a report live to the internet, which can be flagged up on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. (Free)

The above two apps are nearly identical in use and features, it’s just which interface you might prefer that’ll be the deciding factor.

TCoder: A notpad app that time codes your notes – ideal for note making when recording an interview  / PR thing etc …(Free)

i-Prompt: An iPhone based tele-prompter that is very customisable (and for which you can buy some expensive accessories too) but the basic app is free.

Social Media

Twitter: This was Tweetie, one of the best Twitter clients available for the iPhone. Twitter has since bought out Tweetie and gives it away for free!

Tweetdeck: Keep an eye on Twitter, Facebook and your twitter searches in the one interface and syncit up with the desktop version too. (Free)

WordPress: Post to and edit your WordPress blogs and moderate comments too.


Blue Mickey: A plug-in stereo microphone designed for the iPhone. The latest version now has a mini USB port and a mic/line-in port. Costs £59 / £69.

Eternal battery pack: Using the iPhone for any of the above, especially the streaming stuff really puts a strain on the battery. There are any amount of external power packs and battery cases available for the iPhone, starting from around £30.

Car power socket adapter:
Again there’s a whole load of these available, but do check what’s included in the kit … often they lack a cable!

Note: The prices of the apps were correct when written; but as ever things change! A site I’d recommend for tracking app prices is Appshopper.


Tooling up for Twitter

March 2, 2009

So using Twitter you get a bit carried away and need to find stuff that makes it work better for you, so here’s my list of Twitter tools that I use to filter, find and post to Twitter.

TwitterFox – a Firefox plugin that lets you see tweets as they are posted, and lets you reply, without disturbing your web browsing. It’s quick and fast and very convenient too.

Tweetdeck – an Adobe Air application that lets on monitor and filter different Twitter searches, such as all your friends tweets, direct tweets, special searches, the list is endless and limited mainly by the size of your monitor.

Twitterfall – an elegant and fun way to see tweets drop down your browser window (needs the latest versions on most browsers to work) great if your trying to follow on particular thread or limited search terms, otherwise it can overwhelm.

Twitpic – this is the Twitter for pictures, post your picture and comment here and the comment’s bounced to Twitter with a link to the picture. Ideal for mobile blogging.

Twittergram – polls your Flickr stream and sends a link to your latest image to Twitter, and lets you add a custom prefix to the tweet.

Twibble – “a location aware twitter client” it says, and available for a ton of platforms, but I use it on my Nokia N95 as it allows posting to both Twitter and Twitpic, so saves swapping applications mid tweet. It’ll also allow you to open tweeted urls and filter messages too.

So that’s it six apps I use feed my Twitter habit.
A quick search will bring up many more similar listings of the apps available to Twitter users and loads can be found at


Tweet, tweet, twitter

February 27, 2009

So as you can see from the column on the right of the page, I do a bit of “twittering”, or as some might say whittering! But as it’s the latest darling of the “social media society” I thought I’d better give it a whirl, just to see what the fuss was about, and do you know what? I think I’m becoming addicted!

Nokia N95 showing Twitter on Twibble

Nokia N95 showing Twitter on Twibble

If you don’t know, Twitter is a micro blogging application that allows you to answer the question “What are you doing now?” in 140 characters, sounds OK if a bit, well boring really. Where it’s interesting is the interaction with other “Twitterers”, random people might ask questions about what you’re doing, You’ll see the thought’s of others on virtually every subject you can think of, and probably on subjects you didn’t know existed and you can “talk to them” direct, and many other like minded people too.


But for some it’s the lure of celebrity that makes Twitter work for them. There are quite a few celeb twitterers out there, and through twitter, it gives people a “direct access” to them and it is quite possible to chat along with a film or TV star whom in day-to-day life you would never normally meet. It is also quite possible to chat along with a “fake” too; someone who is just pretending to be the person the claim to be!

In the News or is the News?

Twitter, because of its immediacy and the way in which it is used – from mobile phones, PDAs, iPhones, Blackberrys etc… in the main, it is often credited with breaking major news stories. This was the case with the Mumbai shootings,  the Hudson River and Schiphol  plane crashes. All of these were been reported on Twitter before the mainstream media picked them up, but what it’s not that good at is making sense of the breaking news, of giving it a context (but that’s something for another post!)

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